Potential Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Attorney

Each year, approximately six million people submit some type of immigration application. These applications include those from people seeking asylum; those from people wishing to visit, study or work in the United States; and those who wish to become permanent residents or citizens of the United States. While it isn't necessarily difficult to get permission to visit the United States temporarily on a non-immigrant visa, the process of becoming a permanent resident and then a naturalized U.S. citizen can be quite time-consuming and confusing.

Limits Mistakes

Using immigration attorneys can make it more likely that all the proper paperwork will be filled out at the right times and include all the necessary information. Any mistakes can cause an application to be denied, and in some cases, there may not be a second chance to get it right. These attorneys have a lot of experience with the process and all of the paperwork involved. This means that the immigration process may be completed a bit more quickly as delays over paperwork issues won't be a problem.

Makes Options Clear

With the complicated immigration laws in the U.S., not everyone attempting to become a citizen is likely to be aware of all of the options available to them. An immigration lawyer will be able to clearly explain what options are available and may be able to point out a route to obtaining permanent residency or citizenship that you may not have thought of. 

Explains Relevant Laws

There are certain laws that apply to immigrants and permanent residents, and if they break these laws, they will lose their chance of becoming a citizen. Immigration attorneys make these laws clear to their clients to help limit the risk of their accidentally messing up their chances of reaching their goal of citizenship. They can also help immigrants find a legal job.

Provides Emergency Assistance

This type of attorney can also provide emergency assistance if an urgent immigration problem should come up, such as a notification that deportation proceedings are imminent.

Timing Considerations

It can take a few years to become a permanent resident, then you'll need to be a permanent resident for at least five years, after which it can take a year or longer to become a naturalized citizen. Some situations may decrease the time it takes, such as being married to a U.S. citizen, being a member of the military or being married to a person in the military serving abroad. These situations can all lessen the amount of time it's necessary to be a permanent resident before becoming a citizen.

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