Help Your Family Member Get Released Using An Immigration Bond

Finding out that a family member is being held by the Department of Homeland Security can be disturbing. Your first thought will be having them released. Your relative was probably picked up by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and that means your family member is likely being held at a federal detainment facility. Your family member will need to obtain an immigration bond before they are released.

Find the Detention Facility

Since your family member was likely transported to the closest facility, you may already know where they are being held. If you don't know where they are, however, you can check online or phone a number. You may think you know where your family member is but be sure to check and make sure before you go any further.

Understanding Immigration Bonds

While it's possible to get your family member out of detention with an immigration bond, not everyone is offered this opportunity. Here is what else family members should know about immigration bonds:

  • Expect it to take several days to get your family member out of detention using a bond. The process is complex and time-consuming.
  • Federal judges oversee the approval of immigration bonds. The judge assigned to your family member's case will make a decision based on the record of offenses. Those with a history of arrests may be denied bond.
  • One of the main issues with obtaining an immigration bond is determining how likely it is that the defendant (your family member) will flee. A bond is a monetary payment and a promise to return for a later court date. If the judge decides that your family member is a flight risk and could return to their home country, a bond could be denied. One of the conditions of the bond is to remain in the area while the case is in progress.
  • Family members of detainees are advised to seek help from an immigration lawyer. That way, if the judge denies your family member an immigration bond, the lawyer can come before the judge and speak to them about your family member. For example, if they have family, a job, and other ties to the local area, they are more likely to be provided with a bond.

Speak to an immigration attorney and find out more about the bonding process. These lawyers understand the process and how to work with the federal authorities to get your family member out of detention and back home.

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