Reclaiming Your German Citizenship Even if You Now Live in the United States

During the Holocaust and World War II, some German people were stripped of their citizenship by the Nazi party or other German officials. Some of these people fled to the United States or elsewhere and perhaps you fit this description or you have a parent or grandparent who went through this. If you still have not recovered your German citizenship, you may want to contact an Article 116 attorney. Read on to learn more about handling your case. 

Article 116 is a German Law That Restores Citizenship If It Was Unfairly Taken Away

Germany has made multiple efforts over the last few decades to undo the wrongs of its past. One of these efforts includes the passing of Article 116 which restores full German citizenship to anyone who had it taken away due to unfair persecution. If you or someone in your family was stripped of your citizenry due to your religious beliefs, your race, or on dubious political grounds, you can likely benefit from this law.

Article 116 Includes Descendants

It's important to note that while Article 116 originally only applied to the people who lost their citizenship directly, the law has been expanded in recent years to cover descendants as well. For example, if your grandparents fled Nazi Germany to avoid persecution and your parents and then you were born in the United States, you are currently an American citizen, but not a German citizen. 

Under Article 116, it might be possible for you to file to get German citizenship while still maintaining your U.S. citizenship. The argument is that you would have been born in Germany to German citizens if your grandparents (or parents) were not unfairly persecuted and forced to leave the country.

An Article 116 Attorney Can Help

If you currently live in the United States and have no current connections to Germany, you might find it difficult to get the ball rolling on your Article 116 application. An Article 116 lawyer in the United States may be able to help. An expert in this field will help you evaluate your case and will know who to contact and how to file your claim with the appropriate German authorities. By contacting an Article 116 attorney in the United States, you may be able to restore your family's German citizenship without actually having to travel overseas. Contact a local attorney with Article 116 experience today to get started.

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